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Selling Residential Property


Like most people, you’re probably anxious to sell your property as quickly as you can. However, trying to navigate the confusing waters of the conveyancing process alone can really slow things down. By retaining the first-rate services of LN Conveyancing , you can sell your residential property – and get through the conveyancing process – quickly and painlessly.

What can you expect by hiring LN Conveyancing for your residential property selling needs? Key benefits include:

We Do it All – Every step of the way, LN Conveyancing will assist you in getting through the conveyancing process in one piece. Our goal is to guide our clients through to settlement without any hiccups or other issues. Fast, easy conveyancing is what we are all about.

We Communicate with You – All too often, home sellers are left utterly in the dark when it comes to the conveyancing process. Considering the amount of money that is changing hands, it’s only natural to want to be kept in the loop. Our highly skilled solicitors will always keep you up to date on your own conveyancing process. The days of anxiously waiting for news are long gone, thanks to LN Conveyancing .

We Protect You – One of the riskiest things about handling the conveyancing process alone is that it seriously jeopardizes your legal rights. The LN Conveyancing team are dedicated to protecting the rights of our property-selling clients. We don’t just want to get you through to settlement with ease – we want to make sure that you do so without having your rights trampled upon.

We Coordinate Everything – Making sense of the various players of the conveyancing process can be downright impossible. Agents, solicitors and banks all converge to create a lot of confusion. Happily, LN Conveyancing works to alleviate that confusion; we do so by coordinating all of the efforts of each of these players. In the end, you won’t have to worry about who does what – because we do it all.